In the last month, I have been watching more virtual programming than ever. With an HDMI cable we tethered a computer to our TV (and switched input/source to HDMI-3). This may be old hat to many of you, but is reproducible magic for me. Seminars (and old digital photos) now feel like we are present. All I do is register to attend a program, look at my calendar, follow emailed reminder instructions, and I am in a meeting. Programs are commonly communicated via the same Zoom which links to Beth El programming, so you’re on your way. I hope my assuming others were at my level of tethering literacy doesn’t insult anyone.

The programming I watched (and may rewatch) is from the last few weeks, and is now on websites. I am particularly, but not exclusively, referencing the AJC website. AJC.ORG is an interesting and phenomenal source of information on the most important issues facing the Jewish people and the world, including the rise of antisemitism and others forms of hate in the era of coronavirus, the US presidential election, Israel’s quest for peace and security, and the future of the transatlantic relationship.

You can still “attend” this programming from Global Forum 2020 at, by clicking on “watch the videos of all sessions from AJC Virtual Global Forum.” Donations to support AJC’s ability to influence and communicate events are appreciated.


AJC’s approach to potential application of sovereignty by Israel in portions of the West Bank is found by searching on We’ll Defend Annexation If Needed – But Here’s The Thing | AJC It was published in The Times of Israel. If the new Israeli government unilaterally applies sovereignty to a portion of the West Bank, AJC will do what it has always done: explain Israel to the wider world. But as Jason Isaacson, AJC’s Chief Policy and Political Affairs Officer, writes in The Times of Israel, there likely will be repercussions, regardless of how well Israel and AJC explain the decision. “It is not for the ardent friends and supporters of Israel, comfortable in our homes thousands of miles away, to tell the democratically elected Israeli government what to do,” Isaacson writes. “We will never abandon the Zionist vision of a Jewish and democratic state in our people’s native land, and we will never forsake our brethren.” As Israel’s advocates, AJC will always share in the joy of the Jewish state’s successes and share concerns when there is danger ahead.

Another favorite source of excellent work and information comes from CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting and Analysis). Many  Israel Affairs program attendees (I believe and hope) have made past donations to CAMERA. Last month CAMERA had a fine webinar of a current and important project led by Steve Stotsky. The recording is available by searching on CAMERA Briefing: Anti-Israel Indoctrination in School Curricula.

I look forward to seeing you all at Beth El Synagogue gatherings. Until then, thank you for reading my column, and stay well.

Rita Millner