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Beth El Goes Green with Solar Panels

Beth El Solar Panels
Beth El Synagogue has gone Green!
We installed solar panels on the roof of the building. And because of this project, our roof was given some much needed repairs at no cost to the synagogue.

In honor of Earth Day, let’s celebrate this Good Green News with some reminders of why solar rocks.

    • Solar energy is renewable. As long as the sun rises in the morning, solar energy is produced.
    • Solar energy reduces our energy costs. Who doesn’t like lower bills?
    • Solar panels are generally low maintenance. So we will have to find something else to worry about.

This is something to smile about. Let’s review… in addition to being green, environmentally conscientious and forward-thinking (hello Gen Z), this project also included repairs to the roof at no cost to the synagogue.

If you would like more information about this or if you would like to contribute your own great ideas for our vibrant future, please contact the Beth El office.