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Israel Affairs
The mission of the Beth El Synagogue Israel Affairs Committee is to provide education about the thriving economy in Israel, the various accomplishments of Israel and to address threats to the existence and security of the State of Israel.  We do not have a political agenda, and our programming strives to avoid being labeled as pro-Democratic or pro-Republican, or left or right wing.  Rather, we are pro-Israel Zionists.

To see our upcoming events, go to the calendar page and select “Israel Affairs Committee”” under the event category menu.

The Israel Affairs Committee welcomes new members and invites you to join us and share your knowledge and thoughts on future programming.  Please contact Rita Millner at


A Note from Rita Millner

This Winter and Spring, due to the events of our times, we will have Israel Affairs Committee programming heavily weighted on antisemitism. RELEASE OF HATE CRIME STATISTICS On...

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A Note from Rita Millner

The Israel Affairs Committee mission is to provide education about the thriving economy in Israel, the various accomplishments of Israel, to address threats to the existence and...

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College Students or Interested Others:

If you want to receive (at no cost) Know Your Rights: A student’s Guide to Pro-Israel Activism, please email your request for this comprehensive AJC publication.

Links of Interest:
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