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Women’s League Greeting Cards

Do you receive the Chain of Life e-mails from the synagogue, and want to wish a fellow congregant a mazel tov or send condolences? Do you have relatives celebrating special birthdays or anniversaries, who don’t need any more tchotchkes? Are any of your friends or neighbors celebrating engagements, weddings, new babies, or other mazeldik events, or are unfortunately suffering a loss? If your answer to any of the above is yes, and you need an appropriate greeting card, you need look no further than to Women’s League.

The Women’s League Good and Welfare program has beautiful mazel tov, condolence and get well cards that can be sent to anyone for almost any occasion or reason, including, in addition to the above, new homes, new jobs, election to societies, selection for awards-almost anything a person can think of. It is in our tradition to honor, to wish good health, or to remember with tzedakah, and sending Women’s League cards fulfills that mitzvah. Card recipients do not have to be members of Beth El Synagogue – they can be sent to anyone, Jewish or not, and they are oh-so-easy to send!

Cards cost $3.00 each, including the stamp.  Some members pay for cards one at a time, others pay a lump sum in advance and work down a credit balance, and others run a tab for which Tamara periodically bills. You can let Tamara know which method of payment works for you!

Simply e-mail Tamara Ostrowsky at to order a card.  If you wish to send a card as a result of a Chain of Life e-mail, you can forward that email to Tamara with a request to send a card, and she will take care of it for you.  If you wish to send a card unrelated to a chain of life event, or to someone who is not a member of Beth El, please e-mail Tamara with the subject line “card request” and include detailed information concerning the card you would like (name of recipient, address of recipient, and type of occasion), and she will take care of sending the card for you.  Tamara responds to every e-mail, so you will know that your card request has been received.