Memorial Plaques

Beth El Synagogue is proud of its wonderful building and sanctuary, including our several memorial boards. The first of the memorial boards was installed in the late 1930’s in our first synagogue on Franklin Street (in Hightstown). In 1976 three boards were moved to our brand-new building in East Windsor and placed on cinder block walls of the Sanctuary-Social Hall. In 1994 when the Sanctuary was refurbished, we had five Memorial Boards to put up. Our new Sanctuary was built in 2004 and more Memorial Boards were needed, bought, and installed. Presently board number 8 is on the east wall nearest the Bimah. It is followed by board number 1 and then 2 to 5 going down the ramp. Boards numbered 6 and 7 are on the opposite wall with 7 being next to the door to the lobby.


Beth El Memorial Board
Congregants are encouraged to remember loved ones by donating a plaque in their memory. For a one-time charge the plaque is created and installed. Individual plaques are installed where there is room, but every every effort is made to locate family members together. The first year that the plaque is up, it and the person commemorated on it are recognized at a New Plaque Dedication ceremony just before the High Holidays during a special Friday night service.

The small neon lights on either side of the name are lit for the full Yahrzeit month (eg. Av or Kislev) as well as during the the four Yizkor services during the year. In addition, the names on the plaques are listed in the weekly announcements the week before the Yahrzeit date. A letter is sent to the relative(s) on file. Finally, the Book of Life compiled for Yom Kippur lists all of the plaque names. Click here for a Memorial Plaque Order Form. You may also RESERVE a plaque or plaques using a special Form. Forms can also be obtained from the Synagogue Office. Completed forms are to be returned to the office. It usually takes 6 to 8 weeks (((2-3 months))) to have the plaque created and installed.

Click here for the Memorial plaques alphabetical list of current memorial plaques and their location.

The Yahrzeit plaques offer a number of opportunities to remember loved ones besides having their names as part of the synagogue. Donations may be made at a Yahrzeit date.