The Beth El – Perrineville Cemetery

Beth El Perrineville Cemetery

Beth El-Perrineville Cemetery

The Beth El-Perrineville Cemetery is located at 755 Perrineville Road in Perrineville, NJ.  Beth El has shared this rural cemetery with Perrineville Jewish Center (PJC) for over 100 years. The Cemetery is on Route 1 in Perrineville, about 5 miles from Beth El Synagogue.  A parking lot and small chapel are next to the road, and the cemetery land gently rises behind it. The chapel belongs to PJC.

The Cemetery is a Jewish Cemetery under halachic supervision of the Rabbis of both congregations.

The Committee hires a landscape company to keep the land neat. The guidelines of the cemetery request that no boundary stones extend from the gravestone to simplify mowing. Plantings are not encouraged and are the responsibility of the family. If you have any questions about the cemetery, please contact a member of the Cemetery Committee: Seth Josephson, Chair, Brian Albert, Rabbi Jay Kornsgold, Nicole Ostrowsky-Fabisch and Marc Perlman.

Cemetery Guidelines

Click here for Cemetery Guidelines for specific guidelines.
Plots in the Beth El Perrineville Jewish Cemetery are not sold.  Members of Beth El who are in good standing and who have paid off their building fund pledge are eligible to be buried there.  At the time of death, a Perpetual Care Fee is the only charge for the cemetery plot (this fee is currently $1250 and is assessed to offset cemetery care into the future).  Plots are assigned by the cemetery committee, usually in the next available spot in the current row.  An adjacent spot can be reserved for a spouse by paying the perpetual care fee for that plot.


No other burial fees are collected for the cemetery; the family would usually work with the Rabbi and a Funeral Director to arrange for a funeral service, undertaker preparations, caskets and grave digging.  A monument or marker is expected to be placed on the grave within one year.  Currently, there is a $25 permit charge that the monument maker submits to the Cemetery Committee with the paperwork for the marker.  The permit is to assure that monuments are all relatively standard sizes and colors.


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