Rabbi Matthew S. Nover

Rabbi Nover
Assistant Rabbi &
Education Director

Rabbi Matt Nover joined Beth El this July, 2019 as our Assistant Rabbi and Education Director. 

A recent graduate of the Rabbinical School at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York, where he studied Hebrew Bible, Jewish Education, and more, Rabbi Nover is excited to be a part of the Beth El Community. 

Originally from Texas, he came to New Jersey for his undergraduate studies at Rutgers University, where he majored in Physics and Jewish Studies. He has been involved with supplementary schools as a student, a teacher, and an administrator for most of his life, and cares deeply about making them succeed.

Rabbi Nover is passionate about Jewish Education, and focuses on making Judaism relevant to his students.  He lives by the saying “there are seventy interpretations to every verse in the Torah,” and loves to bring unconventional ideas to the discussion.  Whether that’s looking at the physics of David’s sling, or looking at Zombies and Judaism, Rabbi Nover tries to find a way to make Judaism matter to his students.

Rabbi Nover met his wife Heather in the Sukkah of his Hillel Rabbi. Their toddler, Jane, loves to “be rabbi with Rabbi Daddy.”