Beth El Clubs and Committees

Men's Club
Men's Club

Beth El’s Men’s Club has many events scheduled throughout the year designed to help the community, bring people together and to have fun!  Join us for Sukkah building and Steakhouse in the Sukkah, our Passover wine sale and our sports nights – including a catered Super Bowl party. For more information or to be added to our mailing list, send an e-mail to

Women's League
Women's League

The Women’s League of Beth El is comprised of a group of dedicated, vibrant, and energetic women. We are women of all ages and professions who believe in supporting our synagogue through the works of Women’s League. If you would like to subscribe to our email list so you can hear about all of our events, please send an email to our president Shira Benson at For more information click here.

Men's Club

The goal of the Beth El Seniors group is to enrich the lives of Beth El Congregation’s senior members by providing a high level of programming and entertainment in a setting designed to promote sociability and good fellowship.  From concerts, to movies, to opera to lectures, we have it all! To see our upcoming events, go to the calendar page and select “Beth El Seniors Group” under the event category menu. To join our mailing list, contact Tamara Ostrowsky at Click here for the 2020-2021 Seniors Who We Are and Membership Form.

Beth El Bikkur Cholim
Bikkur Cholim

When illness strikes, a meaningful way to show our haimishe charachter is to pay a visit to the ill.  Bikkur Cholim – Beth El’s committee that makes visitations – needs your support for this mitzvah.  Please volunteer to be available to make a visit to the ill when needed.  And if you already volunteer at a hospital and can pay a visit when a Beth El member is there, please let us know. To volunteer, please contact Beth Brenman at

Beth El Book Club
Book Club

Do you enjoy reading a good book and talking about it?  If so, join Beth El’s book club by contacting Roberta Chopp at  The Book club meets once a month on Sunday mornings.  We mainly read novels but nonfiction occasionally finds itself on the list.  The common thread to all our choices is that they each have themes, protagonists, plot lines and dilemmas that can lead to a great discussion.  Hope to see you there!

Beth El Choir

The Beth El Choir is a Synagogue membership group that has been singing for more than 20 years. The group is a 4-part ensemble, with soprano, alto, tenor and bass voices. We participate at High Holiday services, usually introducing something new each year. We sing at various Friday night services throughout the year as well as at the annual Holocaust Memorial tribute. And we perform at community events such as the Windsor-Hightstown Area Ministerium Interfaith services for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and on Thanksgiving. Every year we sing at the Mercer County Jewish Choir Festival. The Beth El Choir is actively seeking experienced singers and a conductor. Please contact Caryn Alter at 609-426-4919 or Brad Harrington at 609-918-0704 for more information.

Genealogy Society
Genealogy Society

The Mercer County Jewish Genealogy Society at Beth El Synagogue meets monthly on Sunday evenings, September through June. Meetings are free and open to the public. The club offers programs and guest speakers on topics of interest to people who are interested in researching their Jewish ancestry. The mission of the Mercer County Jewish Genealogy Society at Beth El Synagogue is to foster and nurture an interest in Jewish genealogy by providing education, information, and inspiration, while encouraging members and congregants in the development of family histories and genealogical records, for the benefit of future generations.

Beth El Holy Rollers
Holy Rollers

When the Torah is returned to the Ark on Shabbat and Yom Tov, we chant Etz hayim hi “It is a tree of life…” And so it is; Beth El Synagogue houses ten of these all-natural holy scrolls. As with all sacred objects, the Torah scrolls require regular attention to ensure they are in good condition and kosher or appropriate for use. The Holy Rollers group is compromised of volunteers who meet approximately once a month to check the scrolls. Our tasks include unrolling the scroll from end to end, gently wiping to remove any mold or dust, checking for and repairing small tears, and noting any damage that requires the attention of a sofer (Torah scribe). Contact the synagogue office for more information.

Israel Affairs
Israel Affairs Committee

The mission of the Beth El Synagogue Israel Affairs Committee is to provide education about the thriving economy in Israel, the various accomplishments of Israel and to address threats to the existence and security of the State of Israel.  We do not have a political agenda, and our programming strives to avoid being labeled as pro-Democratic or pro-Republican, or left or right wing.  Rather, we are pro-Israel Zionists. To see our upcoming events, go to the calendar page and select “Israel Affairs Committee”” under the event category menu. The Israel Affairs Committee welcomes new members and invites you to join us and share your knowledge and thoughts on future programming.  Please contact Rita Millner at

Yad B' Yad
Yad b’Yad

Beth El’s Yad b’yad committee ensures that when a member is in need of some help – perhaps during a health crisis, a family problem, an age related issue, or whatever the problem may be – your Beth El community is here to help you. E-mail and someone will get in touch with you.